Friday, November 30, 2012

Owned By a Girl, Part Deux

Girls are vicious

My cousin, Charlie, is getting ready to leave on his religious mission to Argentina for two years. He leaves December 12, and my wife and I don't fly back for Christmas until December 22, so we weren't going to see him for two years. He was able to get a flight out here, but, unfortunately, my wife and I weren't able to take days off to see him, so he came to school with us.

Charlie's a good-lookin' fella. Good genes, I suppose.

When we went to my wife's school after I picked him up from the airport, we walked into her classroom and, almost immediately, a girl in the back makes an "mmm, mmm" sound followed with a deep grunt, apparently vocalizing her approval of Charlie and his good looks.

The following day, he came into my school to visit. A few of the girls were eager to find out who he was and why he was in my classroom. After I introduced him, one of the girls, BC, said, in a swooning fashion, "Hi, Mr. Lowe's coooouuuussssinnn."

I was handing out papers and this conversation followed.

KH: "Mr. Lowe, which side of the family is he from? Yours or your wife's?"

Me: "Mine. Our moms are sisters."

KH, very incredulously: "Really? Are you sure?"

Me: "Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I've known him all our lives."

KH: "Hmm.....then where did his good looks come from?"


I responded by saying, "That's not something you really want to say to the person who has your grade in his hands? Things can change pretty quick."

My response didn't make me feel any better...

Owned by a girl, part deux. 

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  1. To bad they are your students, I would expect a more cunning response to anyone else.