Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Exploding Pens and Cooking Bacon

Yesterday, I wasn't having a whole lot of luck with my 6th period class; they've been a bit unruly these past couple weeks and I've had to lay down the law more than a few times. I had already threatened to take away the group activity I had planned if they caused any more problems.

As I was explaining the purposes of persuasive text, everyone in the back corner of the room busts up laughing. I, very irritated, ask, "What's so funny that you're disrupting me?" I was expecting them to get the usual guilty faces, stop laughing and move on, but instead they just all pointed at SC.

I look over at SC and he has bright blue lips and is looking at me like a deer in the headlights. I realize that his pen just broke in his hand because he had ink all over; he asks me very calmly if he can go to the restroom and all I can do is laugh. So, naturally, I pull out my phone to document the event, but then I realize the pen didn't explode in his hand, it exploded in his mouth and he spit it out into his hand.

The result:

                                                                                                                        Photo: Trent Lowe Utah

I thought my SC adventure was over, but today, as I was grading their tests, I came across his and started laughing when I was grading it, prompting weird looks from some of my students.

                                                                                                                Photo: Trent Lowe Utah

(I couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture, whoops)

They were supposed to use the word "ingenuity" correctly in a sentence. His response:

"I'm cooking eggs and bacon on an engine block, now that's redneck ingenuity."

SC, you have proven ingenious with both pens and words, my friend.

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