Sunday, March 3, 2013

Funny Vocab Quizzes, Part 19

Some funny examples from this week's vocabulary quiz. The words were lackluster, handicap, exceptional, reimburse, boisterous, and condone.

TA: "My friend's Capstone essay was very lackluster because he plagiarized almost the entire thing."
Uh......which friend was that?

AA: "The walking mushrooms were a handicap in Mario and Luigi's plan to save Princess Peach."

CW: "I really don't care about anything Ms. ____ says, so I definitely give her a lackluster effort on everything."

CO: "I don't condone child abuse, but some kids need to act right before their parents hit them."
This one is really funny because CO is one of the most relaxed and laid-back kids I've ever met, plus, he's a great student who has vented before in writing about the ineptitude of some of his classmates.

DD: "LC (another student) is handicap because he got droped on the head when he was 5."
LC: "Every Friday Ms. Cofer has a test and DD's lackluster."
Apparently, they knew they were going to diss each other beforehand. I find the first one hilarious because I'm not so sure LC was the one dropped on his head.

ZP: "The main handicap of Nicki Minaj being a judge on American Idol is that she can't sing."

JS: "Ke$ha's performances are lackluster because she can't sing."     Well put.

This last one is absolutely incorrect and actually never uses the word handicap, but it was funny, so I included it.

DB: "On the news a man said, "breaking news a young boy got shot in both legs in Memphis, TN."

And there you have it, vocabulary well-executed, or in some cases, just executed.

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