Friday, April 13, 2012

"Oooh, his wife's mean!"

This morning, one of my students put her track bag in my closet so it won't get stolen and she found a framed picture of one of my engagement photos with my wife. She took it upon herself to take the picture out and place it strategically on my desk so that "everyone can see how beautiful your wife is."

The boys decided to check her out and they all agreed that she's far too attractive for me, as was detailed here.

Not all were too impressed with my wife, however.

JR: "His wife was really nice to me, I would love to have her for a sub."

FM: "She's mean, she subbed for us last year and she yelled at me. She'll yell at you, then stare at you...and THEN send you to the office."

Me: "Maybe you were acting like you usually do, and that's why she had to get mad at you."

FM: "Yeah, that's probably true, but she's still mean."

Way to be, wife, way to be.