Friday, September 21, 2012

Tupac on Crack

As far as I feel I have come in my growing up process, there are often moments in my classroom that make me realize that I've still got some growing up to do.

Today, as my students were taking their quiz, I was walking around the room and saw one of the popular boys in the class with a sign taped to his back. I noticed one of his friends sitting near him about to pass out because he was laughing so hard and was holding it in.

I assumed he was the one who had put the sign on the kid's back. As I got close, I was able to read its message, which, is very far from the "Kick Me" signs of olden times, but hilarious nonetheless.

"I look like Tupac on crack."

As a teacher, I should have told him the sign was there and reprimanded the guilty boy.

As an immature 25-year-old, I should have laughed inside and not said anything.

For those three minutes, I chose to be an immature 25-year-old. Then my teacher kicked in and I alerted the kid about the sign.

I wonder what they would write on my sign? Dare I ask?